About Us

Dave Jarrold - Coach & Trainer

I have been in Edinburgh for over 20 years, although I was born and bred in Yorkshire. I got my first job when I was 13 and I've worked ever since. I've been a labourer, a youth worker, a housing officer and a charity director. I've worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors. I've spent time in construction, housing, catering, retail, social care, community development, business development and project management.

I've been a cog in the wheel for large organisations and I've started a number of small businesses. I've coached people in martial arts, kettlebells, nutrition and both professional and personal development.

I crammed a lot of experience into my first 45 years. More important than what I’ve done, is what I’ve learned. I have worked with some inspiring people and others that crushed the soul. I've been part of teams that achieved incredible things and others that simply didn't work. I've had stand-out professional success and dispiriting failures. The thread that has run through all my experience is developing people. What drives me is seeing people achieve their potential.

Through my training and coaching programmes I can help your organisation, its people and its teams, to be effective, impactful, and to achieve results. On a personal and professional level I can help you to identify what you really want, and then put a plan in place to achieve it. I take a practical approach and combine my business and project management experience with personal development coaching techniques to achieve results. I'm finally doing what I was meant to do. I see the first 30 years as my extended apprenticeship.


Tools to use straight away!

A good programme with lots of useful tools and techniques for personal and professional life that can be used straight away!


Extremely practical and useful

The course work is extremely practical and useful in the working environment and personal life. You are asked to be open and honest with yourself and look at how you work, think and react. The skills gained and new habits that will be formed are life enhancing.


Well structured and unique

I would describe the programme as very well structured and unique in the way it relates the personal insights/gains to the professional and offers a wide range of well-constructed tools throughout the course. A real eye opener/reality check in many ways.