Accredited TTI Assessment Professional Coaching

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"I was very happy with your way of coaching, specially your holistic approach. I felt secure to talk about my situation and was really excited every time we had our sessions. I also liked the process of setting well-formed outcome which helped me to realize particular steps I need to take. I got exactly what I was hoping for."

Veronika – Czech Republic

Lasting Impact specialise in coaching business owners and team leaders. Our Professional Coaching holds up a mirror, supports you to challenge yourself, and holds you accountable for the plans you make.

But how do you make those plans? What do you base your assumptions on?

We use TTI assessments to help give you an objective perspective on how you operate and what motivates you. Armed with this knowledge you can make plans that take you exactly where you want (and need) to be.

Contact me and let’s talk about what coaching can do for you.

"I would look forward to these conversations every week because every single conversation was very empowering and positive. Dave helped me clarify my goals, my vision and my action steps, and now I feel very optimistic to step into my future."

Terry – New York


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