Effective Teams

"The course work is extremely practical and useful in the working environment and personal life. You are asked to be open and honest with yourself and look at how you work, think and react. The skills gained and new habits that will be formed are life enhancing."


On this packed programme we cover Drivers & Motivators, Transformation & Change, Communication, Conflict, Project Management and Sustainability.

Teams need to be effective, efficient and productive. They need to maintain their capacity to be innovative and not degenerate into meaningless talking shops. And they need to achieve specific results. When we look at it like this, we realise we ask a lot from our teams. But how often do we equip people with the skills to achieve this diverse set of results?

Through the Effective Teams programme you will identify your strengths and skills, developing an understanding of your drivers and motivators. You will explore how you operate in a team and learn how to adapt and flex your approach to achieve personal and team objectives. This will include how to make your voice heard, how to resolve differences in a way that is constructive and creative, and how to innovate and build effective systems and solutions.

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This Programme Delivers:

Practical tools and systems that support teams to operate effectively

An insight for individuals on what they bring to a team, and what challenges them

A diagnostic framework to identify and trouble shoot team issues

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This Programme Covers:

Operating Styles | Motivators | Team Roles | Communication | Conflict | Change | Project Management | Team Diagnostics


Who is it for?

Team members who want to perform at their best within a team

Team leaders who want to create, support and sustain effective teams

Anyone who wants to understand why some teams work, why some don't, and what we can do about this

"The programme makes you step back and think about how to approach life/work situations so that you are better able to deal with them."




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