Double Accredited Certified Training Programmes

"Not what you would expect leave you opinions at home and go with the flow, it’s an incredible self-building journey."


What sets our training apart is the combination of effective and practical tools and techniques, which are mixed with personal development insights. There is no ‘right’ answer.  We all operate differently so what is needed is a robust and flexible structure that we can tailor to suit each of us.

To validate our unique approach, we secured double accreditation for our Productive People and Effective Teams programmes.

These double accredited programmes will soon be available online for individuals, and we have even more on offer to organisations through the Lasting Impact Academy.

Contact me to discuss what these programmes could do for you and your organisation.


"Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before."

Franz Kafka

Double Accredited Training Programmes

Productive People

Avoid procrastination, defeat overwhelm, achieve results ...
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Productive People

Effective Teams

Tools to create and maintain effective teams ...
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Effective Teams


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