Make every day work for you


The 100 Day Diary was created as an antidote to procrastination and overwhelm.

The structure of this diary is backed by hundreds of hours of research, years of coaching, and lots of user testing.

It’s designed to support you to make today a good day, and then do the same tomorrow, and the day after that, and the one after that…and so on.

Create an idea of where you want to get to, and string some good days together.

Deceptively simple but hard to do consistently…but that’s the key.  Habit and consistency are powerful forces, and the only ways to make this happen.  I believe (I know) that we can all do it.  We just need the right structure and mindset.

The secret to making a huge change in your life is consistency.

The 100 Day Diary will help you get there.


"I have found it to be very useful in motivating me to get things done. Sometimes I do still have bad days, and this diary has helped me move forward when a new day begins. "

Charlotte in Banchory

Using the diary helped me start the day on a positive reflection and gave me focus for the tasks ahead.  The to-do checklist gave me satisfaction when tasks were complete and helped me keep track of my priorities.  When used in conjunction with the to-do checklist I felt more productive and focussed on what my priorities were for that day.  Often an unexpected email will throw me off course, but the diary helped me keep on track, limited procrastination, and as I ticked things off my list it helped me to feel less anxious and overwhelmed.

Heather, Gourock

I think my productivity has improved, but importantly my perception of my productivity has improved – I think in the past I’ve felt I hadn’t achieved enough, but I now know what I’ve achieved when I self-reflect.

Charlie, Bromley

Great way to help me start my day with clarity. On occasions I wasn’t consistent enough however I still did see an improvement in my personal productivity.  It was good for me and on many occasions gave me a great sense of achievement.  It was also very good at keeping me focussed, which in turn reduced my stress levels.

Marnie, London




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